About The Event

We are excited to host Sunburn Festival 2017 at Oxford Golf Resort. We feel there cannot be another stunning location to welcome the new year and celebrate the last few days of 2017. We are hoping your jaws will drop once you get here and see with your eyes how Sunburn pans out. To compliment the biggest artist line up of artists Sunburn has lined up is a massive stage that stands tall on the hill-top in all its glory and electrics that Pune has never seen before. The new technologies, stage designs & themes will certainly redefine the way entertainment and live music is consumed. You will have an experience that is sure to blow your mind away.

There are elaborate arrangements in place for hassle free entry to the festival arena, the venues, parking facilities and traffic control. The Oxford Group and its Oxford Golf Resort will be giving free WiFi to all visitors at the entrance. As it is often said, Oxford Gold Resort, Pune is providing a perfect setting to celebrate the new decade of brand - Sunburn.